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Kids & Family Fishing

We offer a fishing school for boys and girls from 8 years old and up. This gives the students a chance to learn how to catch fish on their own and it shows them the joys that fishing can bring to your life. The kids are learning how to rig lines and bait, throw the cast net to get thier bait, and some basic boat safety. This is a great experience for your child, so call us if you would like to get him or her signed up!


We also offer fishing trips for children of most all ages. You can leave them with us for the day and go Golfing , Beaching or whatever you want. We'll handle the Kids and TAKE THEM FISHING whether parents go along or not.


Bring your children along on your next trip to Georgia. We will have them catching fish in no time. Once they fish with us, they'll be spoiled for life! 


When kids should fish: Year 'round!

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