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Shark & Tarpon

This is by far our most popular trip because we ALWAYS catch something! The action packed photos you see here are classic examples of Summer in Georgia. Tarpon, Jacks, Spinner Sharks, Fine Tooth Sharks, Bonnethead Sharks, Black Nose Sharks and many others are plentiful.


Live bait and 30 pound tackle offer a challenging, fun fight for Sharks and Tarpon. We have learned an incredible amount of information about the location and patterns of these fish in our area over past 10 years.


Our Shark and Tarpon Fishing Charters can be extreme and intense! The Georgia Coast offers superb Shark and Tarpon fishing due to our immense estuary system and plentiful baitfish supply. We target these fish with Lures and Live Bait.


When to fish for Shark & Tarpon: Summer Proves Best

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